@2centtv challenged 25 teens to make a tv show in 5 weeks…so that’s what they did. Come out Saturday July 26th: 6:30pm: Xavier Ballroom & Support all they have accomplished 👏 #CommonCent #2centSummerSession #SupportOurYouth

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Our new progressive listening happy hour #BereniceMondays | Featuring dope tunes from DJs @Otto808 & @rqaway | plus crazy drink specials & all #Awayteam Members get 20% off their bar tabs (groovy right?!) | Every Monday 5 - 8 (or later)

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Have you gotten your second edition Tipping Point #Awaytee? They are available in grey, heather red, & heather sapphire from sizes small - xxxxl (xxl and up by order only). Comment below, email us (whatisawayteam@gmail.com) dm us to place an order and get your #Awaytee today!


Did you know that #Awayteam has it’s very own discount program? It gives #Awayteam Members exclusive discounts on food, events, clothing, and more! Even gives you discounts on bar tabs and purchases from comoanies like @sirvincentdesigns & @kidswithkrowns, sound interesting? Heade over to whatisawayteam.com for more info or to become a member today! #AwayteamMDC

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So @rqaway is having Chicken & Waffles at #TheTippingPoint Friday…and we’re gonna burn each and every calorie (and like 6000 more) off Sunday. Our next #AwayteamCityCruise is this Sunday and you can choose how long you ride, just pick one of the three spots and meet us there. We’re gonna start at 4 at NOMA our second and third spots are about an hour a part.

But it gets cooler, the first 5 people to repost this pic and tag us gets FREE Chicken and Waffles Friday! Any takers?!

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How long you wanna ride this Sunday?! It’s totally up to you! We have three meet up spots along the route so you have your choice of 20, 14, or 6 miles to ride. Any questions? #AwayteamCityCruise


We’re giving away 5 “Free plate” tickets for this Friday’s #TheTippingPointChickenandWafflesEdition so (say it slow) pay veeeewy cwose atteshun to our post today! #TheTippingPoint #AWAYTEAM #ChickenandWaffles

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The new #TheTippingPoint #Awaytees also come in blue! Sizes s-xl available…xxl and up are available via special order!

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We are having a Sunset #AwayteamCityCruise this Sunday and we need you there!! Multiple meetups (so you can pick how long you ride!), plus a groovy workout, and fun with new friends (no disrespect to your “day one homies”) any questions?


We have these awesome new #Awaytees! You should buy one at #TheTippingPoint this Friday!

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Our newest shipment of #Awayees are eager to go home with you! In Heather Grey, Heather Blue & Heather Red. They’re all available tonight at #TheTippingPoint so stop by and get yours tonight!

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Just posted our photos from Saturday of @peoplesayproj #Backyardcut14! Have ya seen em? Go forth and enjoy the pics, then share em with your friends! (Link in bio)


#Repost from @fultonalley with @repostapp | $6 drinks , half price (select) appetizers, and free bowling = a great happy hour over at @fultonalley | get there before 7 to enjoy the great deals



Backyard Cut Session 2014, a set on Flickr.

On July 12, the People Say Project held it’s 3rd Annual Backyard Cut Session featuring the talents of DJ’s Maxmillion, Rik Ducci, Justin Thomas, RQ Away, Yamin, & Brian Boyles. Tons of vinyl was displayed via a pair of Technic 1200s. The event benefited NOLA mix & the Freret Neighborhood Center with raffles and giveaways from local businesses.