#AwayteamApproved : Missing Pieces [Travis Pickett’s First Solo Art Exhibition]

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What is Art? Where is Art? Who makes Art? 

Although there isn’t one definite answer a good clue may be hidden somewhere between the heart and mind of Travis Pickett. His great talent compliments an even greater soul full of kindness and wants for all things progressive and enjoyable. Your attendance at his upcoming art show is truly necessary for both he and all lovers of Art through the world.

 More info? Click here» Missing Pieces [Travis Pickett’s First Solo Art Exhibition] 

#AwayteamApproved : Oliver Thomas’ “Reflections 2”

#Reflections2 #OliverThomas

How does a man recover from a monumental, life changing error born of human frailty and hubris; a man’s excessive pride and ambition ultimately leading to his downfall? Can he? Does he?

More info? Click here» Oliver Thomas’ “Reflections 2” 

#AwayteamApproved: Word Connectons hosted by Jonh L.


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Each and every Thursday (that’s today!) check out this great poetry event hosted by nationally recognized publisher and poet John L. 

More info? Click here to RSVP » Word Connections hosted by John L 

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Some of our upcoming events! #AwayteamCityCruise to #FrenchQuarterFest this Sunday, on April 26th the #AwayteamSoundExchange happens at @blackstarnola come share your sounds and get some new ones from fellow music lovers! #AwayteamFishing returns this Summer and we’re also looking forward to our first #AwayteamFamilyDay & BBQ!! Please stay tuned and keep supporting, tell a friend or two to follow as well! New t shirts, stickers, #AwayteamMDC discounts & some new surprises are on the way! #AWAYTEAM

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On our way to Happy Hour…you should join us! | #AwayteamMDC

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#AwayteamCityCruise this weekend!! We’ll take a ride down to #FrenchQuarterFest and thru Treme as we enjoy the sights, sounds, and eats of #NOLA | #FQF #AWAYTEAM

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Party tonight!

April is Autism Awareness Month so in honor of the month and #tbt we share DJ @RQaway’s #FcukAutism Mixtape. Check it out on whatisawayteam.com or on RQ Away’s #soundcloud page | #MixesByDJRQaway #AutismAwareness #FcukAutism #AWAYTEAM

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#WheresRQaway | April 2014 | #DJRQaway

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Fcuk Autism Mixtape
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This mixtape is a dedication from my hands and mind to those dealing with the spectrum of Autism whether with their son, niece, neighbor, student or self. The cluster of diseases has adverse effects on learning and behavior in social situations and can really have a toll on one’s progression in life. There is a great disparity in funding for Autism compared to most less prevalent diseases(Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, Leukemia, & AIDs), not to dismiss their impact but only to bring forward the similar and more frequent impact of Autism. I pray that I can inspire you to want to not only help, but to educate yourself on changes you can make in your own environment that would put you in a place to make a change in someone’s life.
We (the #Awayteam) will be collecting donations for Autism Speaks this weekend (Oct. 14 &15th) Would you like to donate?!
For more info about Autism & ways to help please log on to: AutismSpeaks.org


A Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
Sideline Story - J. Cole
How I Feel - Ian A. Louis
As Small As A Giant - Big Krit
New Life - Kanye West & Jay Z
Cheers - Cooly Wright
The Window - Aquaforce
Fantasy - Chels ft. A.B.
Gettin Up - Q-Tip
Dreams Money Can Buy - Drake
Unsaid - Deep N Space
Praise The Day - Freret
A.D.H.D. - Kendrick Lamar
Dear God - The Roots
Hearing The Melody - 9th Wonder
Git Up, Get Out - Goodie Mob ft. Outkast
Above The Clouds - Gangstarr ft. Inspecktah Deck
Fighting - TheSekondElement & Bettis
You’ll Be Alright - Musiq Soulchild

With Words by E.F. Cuttin

Source: SoundCloud / RQ Away

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#AwayteamCityCruise Super Sunday 2014’s full album is up on our Facebook page for your viewing and tagging pleasure. Please share and enjoy! And if you dig the sounds don’t forget to check out #SchwinnLifeMixtape by DJ @RQaway | #PhotosByJevonThompson #PhotoGridVideo @PhotoGridOrg

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