With sweat soaked skin and dirt stained jerseys players battle it out on the field series after series. The bench is near empty on either sideline with so many players carted off due to injury or exhaustion. Coaches yelling, owners screaming, and the roar of the crowd, although split by team allegiance, is unified in a sound only paralleled by a space shuttle after the countdown. They ready at the line, a silence sweeps the dome only broken by the voice of a quarterback as he prepares…for the SNAP…a whistle is blown, flags fill the air, and a clock ticks to it’s final moment. A review is called, It seems that for now the fate of either team is undecided, but who did you root for #TeamSex or #TeamLove? 

On June 16th

MusicMan Entertainment, S.M.U.T. Productions, & Sex With My Notebook Presents:

"Sex Vs. Love"

A night of Poetry & R&B where each performance can be a play in the favor of Sex or Love.

Who will win?

#TeamSex or #TeamLove

Featuring Asia (Preach), Calligraphy, Caren Green, Dave Lemon, Deuce, Giraffe, Image Musiq, Indie Wrytes, Smut Da Poet, #Awayteam’s Favorite Word Mason John Lacarbiere & More

Live music from Room Service Band

Saturday, June 16th

The Suite

3580 Holiday Drive (Westbank)


Doors at 8 p.m. 

Show at 9 p.m.

$10 Cover