The weekend approaches, as the unofficial social chair of your crew your duty is to line up things to do. You search around Twitter & Facebook, nothing…you scan your text, even watch the news, still nothing. Seemingly there isn’t a thing going on but then again you’ve only skimmed the vastly overflowing pool of resources. A step toward depth may be google searching “Night life new orleans”,  after hitting the return key you’re presented with the beaten path, NOLA this and NOLA that, French Quarter here and French Quarter there but you’re not a tourists. You’re young, feeling the stresses and anxiety of seeing the light at the end of the collegiate tunnel or the woes of that new position at that law firm. With “We Are Young” in an ascending ambient volume, and a pocket full of cash from your “fun account” and the distant memory of the week past you want to be thrust deep into something new, something fresh, something unique, something you know guarantees a good time. Invade NOLA has you covered. Whether you’re just looking for a new place to “indulge in the spirits” or a new band to check out, they have you covered. Maybe you want to check out a new food spot, or see if there a fashion show coming up, they have you covered. Even news yes NEWS but not the spoon fed watered down capitalism drenched stuff from Fox, but youthful New Orleans specific NEWS, accompanied by movie reviews and festival line-ups. This place is great and it’s just a click away so turn the brightness down on your screen…I know you’re supposed to be being productive right now…and have a look. (click the logo above)